ILA Local 1593 Hall

International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1593 was charted in Jacksonville, Florida on November 9, 1938. The Local provides Chief Clerks, Plan Clerks, Timekeepers, Checkers and TIR Clerks servicing to all ILA contracted stevedoring companies in the Port of Jacksonville.

The members of Local 1593 are among the most progressive and socially conscious workers in the world and according to industry analysts our workers are also among the most productive workers anywhere in the world. We are union by choice and are very proud of it.

Through the efforts of our leaders and our membership, both past and present, we have been successful in building a model that provides an excellent standard of living for our members and their families. We have also been successful in building a safe, productive and profitable model for our employers. The high standards enjoyed by our workforce and the management group in the Port of Jacksonville would never have been possible except through the collective bargaining process, a valued process that is cherished by everyone involved.

Our members are connected nationally and internationally through our affiliation with the state and national AFL-CIO, the International Dockworkers Council, and the International Transport Federation.

We are a committed group of organized workers; committed to our craft, committed to the industry we serve, and committed to the great state of Florida.

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