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MILA is the Managed International Longshoremen’s Association Health Care Trust Fund. ILA members are eligible for healthcare insurance with MILA under the following terms.

MILA Eligibility and Contract Year

A Contract Year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th. For Example: If you received 1,250 Credited Hours during the Contract Year, you would be covered by the Basic Plan in the following Calendar Year. However, if you received 1,300 or more credited hours during the contract year, you would be covered by the Premier Plan.

MILA Summary Plan Description

General Information

Under The MILA National Managed Health Care Trust Fund, The Maximum Age For Dependent Children Eligibility For Welfare Benefits Offered By MILA Is Age 20, Or Age 23, If A Full-Time Student. See The MILA Information for Your Eligible Dependents for Complete Information.

MILA Prescription Drug Plan

MILA Pensioner Benefits

Medicare Part D Note

If You Enroll In A Medicare Part D Plan, You Cannot Remain In The Mila Prescription Drug Plan. You Can Rejoin The MILA Prescription Drug Plan At The Next Open Enrollment Period (Nov. 15 – Dec. 31). Mila Rules, What Are Your Medical Benefits When You Retire.

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